Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Random Leadership Thoughts

This makes 2 days in a row. I may be on a roll....but don't hold your breath.

So, a fun word...and can be even more fun (or rather interesting) to live out. I guess most people would say that there are only two kinds of people when it comes to leadership - those that lead and those that follow. If only it were that simple. If you've paid attention to any job or task-centered scenario, you should be able to see that not all leaders are equal. Some are great at leading, and well, some are just not so great.

I think there is more to leading than just not being designated as a "follower". Sometimes the best way to lead in a given situation is to do the best job at following. There are times when we should lead by position, and there are times when we should lead by example or influence. The truth is: the better you are at leading as a follower, the better you will be at leading as a leader. Just think about that for a few minutes.

Another thing that occurred to me earlier today, is that I sometimes (probably more often than not) tend to wait for a "cue" from someone else to let me know when I should do something or what I should do in a certain situation. I'm not just "following" when I do this, I'm also "not leading". That doesn't mean that I should take charge in every situation, but it does mean that I should stop waiting for someone else to set the pace or dictate my actions in a given scenario.

God has given me certain abilities and skills, not just as a leader, but as a person. If I want to be the best Mark that I can be, then I can't always wait for someone else to "set the pace". I wonder how much of the world (or even history) would be different if just one person had not waited to see what someone else was going to do, and instead just stepped out to do what they were going to do.

Just some food for thought.

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Doug Smith said...

Well said Mark. Initiative is an important aspect of leadership -- perhaps it even defines it. Knowing when to follow is important, and so is knowing when to lead. As I've often said to my workshop students - "If you look around wondering who's in charge and you can't find anyone -- it's YOU."

Douglas Brent Smith