Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Hate Sin

This was something that I actually wrote out several years ago, but came across it earlier today. Since I haven't posted anything for a looong time, I thought I would throw this back out there. I wrote it after a friend of mine shared a struggle that he had been having.

i hate sin. i hate what it does to people. i hate that it pulls you in ever so "innocently" and then sucks the life out of you and leaves you cold and alone lying in a gutter feeling absolutely miserable about yourself. i hate that it brings out the worst. i hate that it makes you do things that you would've never thought you'd do. i hate that it destroys lives and shows no remorse. i hate that it shows no partiality and attacks whoever it can. i hate that we're so naive to fall for it.

i do however love that God's grace is more than sufficent and His love is relentless. i'm glad that He stepped in when we were weak and did what we could not do. i'm glad that He loves us more than we deserve. i'm glad that the deepest and darkest of our sin is but a pebble in the ocean of His mercy. i'm glad that love never fails.

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